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Rune of Justice, Returned Actions, Consequence and Reward. Its concept is known by many names ranging from mystical and supernatural to ordinary social response and cause and effect. Zhukaya refers to this concept in a genreral sense, yet is more of an acceleration of these occurrences.

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Sequential Runes


"Legacy" What the co-ordinated efforts of many have brought about and their effects on those around them. The knowledge and artifice left behind as the group dissolves and passes to other existences, usually far removed from its original dwelling.

Parallel Runes


"The Magistrate." Find the Secrets, Find the Corruption, Find the Just resolution. These runes best relate to one another by tying the concepts of the fair judge who must be able to determine from all points of view and with full knowledge of events relating to any problems that may be brought out.

Magickal Use

Zhukaya accelerates the return of consequences for good or ill. This does not create any harm or blessing anew, but rather hastens the consequences of ones actions in catching up. Zhukaya, like Kaegos, remains very neutral and impartial, place due wherever due is deserved, often resulting in a Kaegos-like state when it has rune its course. If one is worried about a situation and needs to confront and pass through it, mediation on Zhukaya can hasten the event.

In Divination

Zhukaya in a reading represents "Karma", Justice, Resolution, Cleansing, Reaction. It is the response to events that have occured, or the expected response that will be coming shortly. Gifts that have been given and need payment in some manner, and debts that will be called in.