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This page details a few of the considerations one should think on before writing with Dragon Runes.

Dragon Rune Font

First of all, I must say thanks to Dragon's Eye (Here is his Website) for spending the time on creating this dragon rune font and making it freely available on this website:

Use the following table to find the symbols needed for

  • Ionali - EI = #
  • Deigomah - NG = $
  • Shaan - SH =  %
  • Thaan - TH = &

NOTE: While numbers are not officially part of the dragon runes, Dragon's Eye included characters for the numbers 0 through 9 as they may come up in day to day writtings should one wish to use them.


Punctuation used when writing in dragon runes is as follows:

  • Period will look like |
  • Exclamation Point will look like ||
  • Question will look like //

If one is carving or writing the runes in a small area where it may be difficult to notice the spaces between words, then a half size \ can be used in place of a space. This was not included in the font as spaces are easy to identify in a typed environment.

NOTE: While the @ sign and hyphen are not officially part of the dragon runes, Dragon's Eye included translated characters for these symbols that can be found in his font as well.

Phonetic Use

It is important to not that as the runes are phonetic and not Latin Equivalent symbols, even a word that has all the letters represented by runes may not be spelled the same way. For instance, if you spelled bridge as B R I D G E in runes, it would sound like "Brid-geh". The phonetic spelling would actually B R I J.

Here are some examples of sounds that may not be apparent when looking at the spelling:

  • For C sounds, use either K or S as appropriate,
  • QU will become K W
  • X will generally be KS or Z depending on its use.
  • CH will be T SH as in Churn or K as in Chord

If in doubt of what to use, make the word sound as you would say it. If the sounds are not available, then you may need to make the closest approximation that fits. If a letter is silent, you probably don't need it in order to spell it with Runes.