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The 9th and final rune of the 9 elemental dragons, Waethan represents Crystal. By extension, this includes the element of Metal as well, as it can be seen as a form of crystallized mineral. It is linked to dragons that are of crystal, metal, or other minerals that appear in an organized manner. It is a rune of focus, direction, guidance, and also of strength.

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Sequential Runes


"Pattern." Another closely associated interpretation is that of Vibration as well. Essentially any stable form which repeats itself over time. Can sometimes be seen as coincidence, fractals, ripples in a pond. These three runes can represent any repetitive form, or something that can replicate itself into infinity.

Parallel Runes


"Directed Focus". Ihanen is a focus of drawing energy in and focusing to a specific goal, Waethan is a often focusing energy out to direct it to a specific target, and Nanen is the combining or exchange of energies between two individuals. All dealing with the flow of energy, even if with different patterns and intent.

Magickal Use

In its construction, it can be seen as a ray of focused will from Drakani. It is also an excellent rune which denotes focus of a particular energy when linked with other runes in a combination rune. Energies from runes linked to Waethan are often concentrated and condensed to be able to go directly to the desired target taking the shortest path possible and bypassing many barriers. On its own, it can also be seen as a storage medium for energy. For this purpose, one can draw the rune on its own, and either visualize energy flowing into the rune, specifically into the triangular cavity at the base. To specify a type of energy to be held, another related rune can be drawn small enough to fit within the triangular base of Waethan. This same method can be used to either seal energies within the rune, or focus the energies contained within to a specific task.

In Divination

Common interpretations are Thoughts, Guidance, Focus, Patterns, Strength, and Direction. As it turns up, Waethan will usually refer to motion towards a goal or movement with some other purpose. A path designated by Waethan is very hard to deny as it tries to carry along all invested energies with it to completion. When a change in direction is needed, pay attention to runes near Waethan that may be pointing out the most viable path to resolve the situation. As the the element representing Metal, it can also represent exceptional strength and durability in delicate situations.