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Rune of the king and keeper of order. Settling disputes and leading those that follow, his charge is to watch over and protect all under his wings. Often rising out of the crowd after a trial of Athihan, Thaenrathi strives to set down a legacy to extend his influence for the benefit of his charges beyond his passing.

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Sequential Runes


"Judge" Order and maintenance of a stable status quo, these runes represent one who must have the final say according to what has been laid out, favoring only as laws dictate from a stance of neutrality.

Parallel Runes


"Consort of Chaos." This individual is one who is able to draw on the potential rather than become overwhelmed by the uncertainty and constant change within the unformed mists that exists to some degree in all stages of the runes. The consort can direct the chaotic storms and its strength is added to his voice and Will.

Magickal Use

Being a rune representing masculinity, it is the foil and compliment to Drakani and pairs with that rune well. Where Drakani is Creation and Creativity, Thaenrathi is Ruling and Maintaining. It can be used to bolster or influence a position of control or leadership in combination runes. On its own, it can be used to increase confidence and resolve in the face of daunting tasks. Using Thaenrathi to increase power is effective but carries many duties to keep it.

In Divination

In divination Thaenrathi often represents Leadership, King/Queen, Champion, Government, or a Protector. Always a force in position of authority or superior capability, yet with best intentions and desires for a given individual under its rule. If in opposition, it represents a powerful or Willful individual who rarely should not be taken lightly or brushed off. Also remember that just because a force has best intentions for another, this does not make them the same as the desires of that individual.