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The 8th of the 9 elemental dragon runes, Thaan represents Earth. It is tied to dragons that associate with rocks, stone, caves, soil, and the White Mountain dragons. Attributes common to this rune are stability, tradition and ritual, thoroughness, and resistance.

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Sequential Runes


"Bulwark." Wood, Stone, Metal are represented by this run of three. They are all materials providing shelter and defense in times of need. Also these runes are the final three in the elemental runes and are very closely tied to the material realm and physical objects.

Parallel Runes


"The Scholar." Thaan, rune of the White Mountain or Earth Dragons, Shoren, rune of Wisdom, and Sha'oren, rune of Knowledge are parallel. Dragons of Thaan can generally be very logical and contemplative about their actions and the way things work. Knowledge on its own can be dangerous or ill suited to a purpose without other repercussions. Wisdom on its own often lacks direction or appropriate information on which to act. Knowledge and Wisdom work together to provide ideal situations as one tempers the other.

Magickal Use

Thaan has several uses in combination runes which all relate to stability. It provides protection through resistance, by refusing to give in to, or be altered by, any outside influence. Any combination runes that use this protection will likely also be slowed down some as the energies choose the best path to accomplish a task safely. It can be used to indicate an adherence to tradition and ritual when used in any symbolic representations. Logic and analytical thought are linked with Thaan, and when focused on, can help order ones thoughts if meditated on before a task requiring such mindset, or even in preparation of a ritual or ceremony.

In Divination

Common interpretations for Thaan include Logic, Ritual, Thoroughness, Resistance, Stability. The views of logic and thoroughness often leads to inventive ways of dealing with situations by trying all the other options and being left with only one or a handful of actual solutions. It can be seen as a daily ritual as well as magical rituals, and as such, also refers to habits both well and ill. The unchanging aspect of Thaan can lend itself towards both stable foundations, but may also be seen as the lack of ability to change when needed.