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Contribution by User:DragonsEye

Interesting thing with the Dragon Runes is that each one does have a story to tell. It is common with the types of runes and runic systems that each symbol, in its own right, tells its story and helps one to conjure up images to that effect. Long before there were any alphabets and other standardized writing systems, there were runes and the spiritual connections to the realms beyond in which the runes were a "pathway" to that higher-understanding.

It is a shame that many of the alphabetic systems ( some originating from certain runes ) had lost a significant aspect of the symbolic meanings, and their usability for divination and enchantments. It often helps to relearn the art of communicating with pictures and symbols as a natural function ( the human brain does respond more efficiently to images and imagery than to texts ). The runes play a special part in our life's pursuits and our quests for answers, especially into the areas of the unknown. The Dragon Runes would have to be some of the most beautiful runes and symbols I have had the pleasure of knowing!

I am currently working on a method of converting some ritual material over to using the Dragon Runes. This is NOT an easy task! The Elder Futhark Runes are very good for all of the uses they are employed in, but converting them over to the Dragon Runes does take some work. I hope to have a good cross-reference document finalized before year's end that should make things a little easier for those who practice and would like to more-personalize their ritual material with Dragon Runes. I believe some who practice "Dracomancy" may take an especially-appealing interest in converting some of their rituals to use Dragon Runes.

"Long live Tiamat!

Suur Drak'sho!