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Positioned directly after the runes of the elements Ta'kaya is in the centre of the runes and represents time and cycles. Ta'kaya is the timeline which is filled as everything expands, interacts, and defines itself. It is a measure and regulator that ensures everything does not play out all at once

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Sequential Runes


"Connected Webs." Waethan projects the stream and Ta'kaya spins them together into connection points in Shaan. The steams of directed energy, thoughts ans actions all interact with each other. The cycles and patterns they create have many points where several lines intersect and are places where the largest effect can be felt from a given change.

Parallel Runes


"Personal Self" Ones spirit, evolution, and passion, all lie within these three runes. Ma'erhen looks at the soul and ones higher self. Ionali is the desires, dreams, and passions of an individual, which when found and acted upon are often strong enough to satisfy ones self for long periods of time. As one fulfills that which satisfies the spirit, the self evolves and changes, often bringing a greater glimpse of ones spirit.

Magickal Use

Ta'kaya is useful to adjust the frequency of a given event, or the length of time an event spans. Placing other runes wit it will define the exact type of control desired. Ta'kaya and Mah to speed up or Thaan to slow down. One can even combine it with Ninathan and another run to let the energies adjust to a natural cycle. In meditation, one can visualize Ta'kaya spinning so that it makes a full rotation with every breath, or every heartbeat, and then slowing or speeding the rotations if an alteration in the sense of the passage of time is desired.

In Divination

When appearing in a divination, Ta'kaya often correlates to Time, Cycles, Turnabout, or Change. Generally shaping and shaped by nearby runes, it can indicate a length of time (or how long a length of time might seem to the subject of the reading) or a related event that is a habit or regular event.