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Rune of Wisdom. The skillful application of what knowledge and other resources one has available. Good judgment and insight into the truth of a given matter, such insight coming from ones accumulated knowledge and experiences. Shoren excels in examining past actions to determine the best course of action for the most desirable outcome in newer or current situations.

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Sequential Runes


"Oath/Pact" These three runes together represent agreements and deals made between two or more parties. These are never taken lightly and should only be made with due consideration, generally dealing in the exchange of important debts, boons, or responsibility between all parties.

Parallel Runes


"The Scholar." Thaan, rune of the White Mountain or Earth Dragons, Shoren, rune of Wisdom, and Sha'oren, rune of Knowledge are parallel. Dragons of Thaan can generally be very logical and contemplative about their actions and the way things work. Knowledge on its own can be dangerous or ill suited to a purpose without other repercussions. Wisdom on its own often lacks direction or appropriate information on which to act. Knowledge and Wisdom work together to provide ideal situations as one tempers the other.

Magickal Use

Shoren can be used as a focus to help one clearly evaluate a situation. In combination runes, Shoren will generally assist with finding or obtaining optimal results, but this may not be in the form of ones visualized result. Often included in runes or energy work when one may not be sure of the best action, Shoren will grant the working the ability to consult the resources of the multiverse as it sees fit to best accomplish the given task.

In Divination

Usually indicating Wisdom, Enlightenment, Solitude, or Reflection on a situation, Shoren in a reading points towards some form of analysis or broad consideration of events. It can also represent advice or insight provided that is generally sound, or a different perspective on a situation that may not have yet been considered.