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Shaan is the rune of Magick and those who use it. It signifies ambition, experimentation and personal power. The shape of this rune is like a condensed version of Drakani, the rune of Will. Shaan is very similar in concept and application to Drakani, save where that rune is directed outward, Shaan focuses first inward to shape the individual and then connects with the existing webs of energy to manipulate it towards a given goal.

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Sequential Runes


"Mage / Energy Crafter" There are several names that could be applied to this sequ3eence of runes, all of them referring to one who strives to understand the connection between objects, places, events, and individuals and who uses that knowledge to alter the course of events through personal intervention so the energies are redirected from their original, and arguably natural, course and destination.

Parallel Runes

Ra .GIFShaan.GIFDrakaneal.GIF

"Interconnectedness". Ra represents the physical connection between family related through blood, and the genetic bond between multiple individuals. Shaan is the connection one has through energy to ones environment and the bonds forged to other individuals as well. Drakaneal is the connection shared by a community, and any who dwell within or contribute to that community.

Magickal Use

A useful run to assist in grounding and centering, Shaan can be visualized with the cross point of the rune at ones center and the tail at the bottom forming the link to ground. In combination runes it often represents personal energies as they link with the existing streams wishing to be accessed or changed. Combining Shaan with Drakani and another rune representing a goal, it can aid in driving the energies forward rather effectively.

In Divination

Shaan most commonly represents The Mage, Ambition, Experimentation, Adventure, and an Individual Sense of Self. Often Shaan refers to some aspect of the subject of the divination again shaped by surrounding runes as to exactly which aspects are being emphasized. When not referring to the subject, it is generally in regards to connections of energy, common nodes between ley lines, or intertwined fates.