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The rune of knowledge and containing access to all information and ideas. This includes all aspects of knowledge from the Universal consciousness, Akashic records, memories long past and things formed anew. Anything that has existed leaves an imprint in the energy that it has come from or passed through. Because of the vastness of information available through Sha'oren, meditations and divinations focusing on this rune must be extremely specific to narrow down what one may find the image of the rune can be seen as a conduit between the layers of the multi-verse to find a the desired information.

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Sequential Runes


Drakani, rune of the Will before, and Abanen, rune of creation following. In this set, the knowledge gained is a tool for the will to act towards the creation of something new. The information can be seen as something that is a template to work from, a description on how to build or form, and what the final product should be. The Will may not be able to proceed to work on many of the tasks it sets to without collecting much of the information that can assist it. Many new things are just a recombination of things that exist or have existed, so a clever crafter can pull from many different paths and items to form what is needed or desired.

Parallel Runes


"The Scholar." Thaan, rune of the White Mountain or Earth Dragons, Shoren, rune of Wisdom, and Sha'oren, rune of Knowledge are parallel. Dragons of Thaan can generally be very logical and contemplative about their actions and the way things work. Knowledge on its own can be dangerous or ill suited to a purpose without other repercussions. Wisdom on its own often lacks direction or appropriate information on which to act. Knowledge and Wisdom work together to provide ideal situations as one tempers the other.

Magickal Use

This rune is well suited to enhancing the pursuit of information. Practical applications for the rune on its own include assisting in research projects, maintaining information after study, or even to help remember something. Combine it with other runes to help focus a direction or goal when looking for information. For example, the aspiring mage might combine Shaan and Sha’oren to look for information regarding the use and practice of magick. Add Drakaneal to the mix and you would focus it to the community as well. After putting this combination of runes together, the crafter should find several opportunities to learn more information among those he knows within his community.


Sha'oren most often indicates knowledge, understanding, answers, universality, or access. The divination itself could be referred to by this rune in fact. This rune is generally made much more clear when associated with other runes that can indicate if information is needed, or already present, and what kind should be sought out or is already at hand. Access can be seen as the path to a desired goal with Sha'oren, usually one that is opened up with the right information. The universality meaning of Sha'oren can be used to link two aspects together that might otherwise seem unrelated or conflicting.