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Rune of Endings, Destruction, and Dissolution. Satihan snuffs out that which exists and lets the smoke from the extinguished spark drift back into the formless dreams from whence it came. It ushers out the old to make room for the new, dissipating everything into the chaotic mists of possibilities.

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Sequential Runes


"Winnowing." As some consciousnesses take their leave off to various existences, their previous forms are broken down to base elements to be used anew in a coming arc of the cycle.

Parallel Runes


"Equilibrium." Balance between that which is truth and that which is no longer truth. The shift between things that have been made and that which has been unmade.

Magickal Use

This rune has few purposes other than the ending of constructed forms, whether crafted by Will, natural laws, or otherwise. When used in combination runes, it aids in the resolution by overcoming obstacles destructively and aggressively. It can also be used as a focus used to safely negate and dispose of any combination rune that has served its purpose, and remove any unwanted energies. Following the path taken by energies undone by Satihan, one finds that the energies have been "untasked" from any previous goal, and sent adrift in the formless mists of possibility.

In Divination

Common interpretations for Satihan are Destruction, Substance reverting to Energy, Release, and Revolution as referring to the beginning of a new cycle. Satihan is a rune that indicates powerful endings to a situation, yet not leaving one broken, but rather open to a vast array of possibilities that may build upon the essence stripped from the previous.