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This page is a collection of the Rituals that I have written down for use with the Dragon Runes. As I finish more I will add them to this site. Also note that these are recommended phrasings, feel free to modify the wording as it feels best for each individual as long as the general spirit remains the same.

Sacred space with dragon elemental runes


Stand at the center of where you wish to create the space and say the following, visualizing and tracing each rune in front of where you are looking.

I am the spirit that stands at the center.
Thaan, Dragons of Earth, the mountains stand to my north, a bastion of strength.
Mah, Dragons of Air, Thunder and winds to my east, storms carry my voice far.
Li, Dragons of Fire, Great fires burn to my south, flames filling me with purpose.
Ra, Dragons of Water, Deep oceans churn to my west, Great currents bring me wisdom.
Li'aan, Dragons of Light, The sun shines above, light reveals the hidden and shows me truths.
Liwaen, Dragons of Dark, The moon above with silvery caress protects me from lies.
Ninathan, Dragons of the forest and wood, the roots beneath my feet draw to me nourishment
Waethan, dragons of crystals and metals, Crystals deep below focus my will.
Ma'erhen, dragons of Spirit, wings within me carry my spirit at the center of the elements.
Perfect Balance, Elements United, Drakaneal

At this last line, picture Drakaneals square surrounding you, with you standing on the central X that runs through it.


As you say each of the following lines, face the appropriate direction and visualize the dragon departing. Daashe (dah-AH-shay) means thank you, and Kaetaa (kah-EH-tah) is used as a farewell.

I am the spirit that stands at the center.
Waethan, dragons of Crystal and Metal, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Ninathan, dragons of the Forests and Wood, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Liwaen, dragons of the Moon, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Li'aan, dragons of the Sun, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Ra, dragons of Water, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Li, dragons of Fire, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Mah, dragons of Air, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Thaan, dragons of Earth, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Ma'erhen, dragons of spirit, Daashe, Kaetaa.
Satihan dismisses, the energy flows to Ratanen, released but not destroyed.

At the last line, visualize the rune of Drakaneal dispersing as smoke or mist and disappearing.

Entrance to the Waters of Tiamat

What to expect when meeting Tiamat: From my experiences, she is a powerful force of will with knowledge of a great many things. She offers excellent advice when it concerns creation or mysticism, but for simple or mundane matters, she generally advises to look within your self. She favors bold yet respectful communications and has little time for foolishness or demands. Her presence feels like the encompassing pressure of deep waters or the tumultuous winds of high storm clouds.

To Prepare, do the following
-Bring a drink of water into the space you plan to work in
-Create a sacred/protected space in a method comfortable to your workings.

Begin with a meditation to clear your mind and then visualize the following: As the last of the distractions moves away, visualize a path between two mountains that leads down to a shoreline.  The waters are rough and above the ocean are dark storm clouds that seem to be parked over the waters. When at the shore, say:

I <your name or magickal name> stand at the shores of the deep waters seeking the presence of Tiamat, Goddess of Dragons

Tiamat may respond at this point inviting you to follow her (under the waves or otherwise) to conduct what requests you may have with her. If she does not respond immediately, and if you do not sense denial or rejection, dive under the water and travel as deep as you can.  When in the depths of the water, say:

I present myself in the deep waters seeking your council Tiamat, Queen of Chaos, shaper of Dragons.

After you have finished with your meeting, thank Tiamat. If you have been given anything, be it energy, advice, or a gift, hold onto it and surface the waters traveling back to the shore.  From there follow whatever meditation you need to come out of the meditation. 

After having come out of the meditation, push what you have carried back with you into the water you brought with you and drink the water as part of your grounding, visualizing it becoming part of you. Release the sacred/protection space.

Dedication to Tiamat

Linking ones self with a great spirit/god/goddess is a very powerful and personal ritual and should be modified as appropriate for each individual. What is presented here is a guideline for what one might expect and say.

To begin, one can use the guide to gain an audience with Tiamat as presented above.

Hail Tiamat! Shaper of dragons, Mother of the Deep Waters, Goddess of Chaos, I come before you and bring my Self, Mind, and Spirit.
Share with me Sha'oren and Shoren, your knowledge and wisdom.
May your swift wings be mine in my travels.
May your protective scales cover me and shield from harm.
May your tail be mine and link me with deep energies.
Entwine our Wills on my paths through existence.
Grant me your council and direction.

After this, Tiamat may speak to you, make other requests, or offer advice. While she may respond in different ways, there should be a feeling of acceptance and surrounding pressure of her presence.

Hail Tiamat! Daashe, Kaetaa.

Leave the meditation and close your space or proceed with any other rituals you may wish to perform in Tiamats presence.

Attuning to Dragon Runes

The following can be used as an affirmation of the dragon rune energy within the self or to attune oneself to the energy of the runes or a rune set one has created or acquired. This can be done with or without sacred space. As you speak for each rune, visualize its energy filling your or if holding the rune, feel yourself and the rune mingling together.

The runes of Dragons work through me, with me, and shape my mind.
Ratanen, my untapped potential and dreams
Drakani, my Will and direction
Sha'oren, my knowledge
Ihanen, my creative force
Ma'erhen, my spirit
Ra, my patience
Liwaen, my subtlety
Li, my passion
Li'aan, my perception
Mah, my voice
Ninathan, my health
Thaan, my strength
Waethan, my focus
Ta'kaya, my adaptability
Shaan, my personal energy
Diegomah identifies my flaws
Athihan weeds out weakness
Kaegos brings me balance
Thaenrathi, my leadership
Athanen, my structure and habits
Shoren, my wisdom
Nanen, my loves and companions
Ionali, my talents and skills
Drakaneal weaves my actions in tune with the universe
Zhukaya, my sense of justice
Abanen, my higher consciousness
Sathihan lets me put aside those things whose time is done
The runes of Dragons work through me, with me, and shape my mind.