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The 2nd rune of the 9 Elemental Dragon Runes, Ra represents Water. The Ocean Deep and Water dragons are linked with this rune and as such, Ra is associated with aspects common to their demeanor and personalities such as curiosity and a preference for solitude. Being the first material rune, it often helps with assisting physical healing, yet is still close enough to the Spirit (Ma'erhen) that it is a potent emotional healing and calming rune as well.

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Sequential Runes

Ma'erhen.GIFRa .GIFLiwaen.GIF

"Deeply seated emotions/Subconscious". Their sensitivity to hidden or quiet emotions and designs will often manifest in ones self as instinctual impressions and gut feelings which can be seen as the way that ones ethereal sense manifest or communicate their perception. One must generally be quiet and attentive to discern these feelings.

Parallel Runes

Ra .GIFShaan.GIFDrakaneal.GIF

"Interconnectedness". Ra represents the physical connection between family related through blood, and the genetic bond between multiple individuals. Shaan is the connection one has through energy to ones environment and the bonds forged to other individuals as well. Drakaneal is the connection shared by a community, and any who dwell within or contribute to that community.

Magickal Use

In combination runes, Ra is a good choice if one desires to add patience or a sense of perseverance to the energy. It is an excellent rune to use for keeping heads cool and level where anger or frustration might normally dwell. As a preparation to a mediation, one can begin to focus on Ra itself to calm emotion and clear ones mind. For general aches and pains both physical and emotional, the rune of water can also act as a gentle balm. Combining this last method with another rune can help to focus the energies if something more than a general coverage is desired. For instance, Ra combined with Nanen is excellent for helping to sooth heartache.

In Divination

Common interpretations for Ra are Healing, Curiosity, Meditation, Patience, Perseverance, and Family (blood relations). As always the runes laying near Ra are vital to its meaning in a given reading and may even represent multiple ideas at the same time.