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The 7th of the 9 elemental dragon runes represents wood. It can be linked to all plants and is tied to dragons that feel at home in the forests, jungles and any other places of dense foliage. Attributes associated with it are adaptability, flexibility, overall wellness, growth, and growth potential.

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Sequential Runes


"Mediator." With the communication between two differing natures, Ninathan will reach, grow, dig, and burrow in order to support itself in stable conditions, yet at the same time, it links the very realms and ideals in which it integrates itself.

Parallel Runes


"Nurtured Seed." It can be seen that Drakani is laying down the structure that many things are based off of, as the roots and branches of a tree, a representation of Nanen. Drakani can be seen as creating a framework to organize how things will behave and react, as seen in the structured laws of Athanen. If using imagery of the runes could be seen that Drakani is a seed, that spouts into a young sapling (Nanen), that will eventually grow into strong, stable roots (Athanen).

Magickal Use

Ninathan is a run of growth and adaptability, and as such, it is excellent in combination runes where one requires change to suit new situations. It can be seen as a bridge that links two thoughts together, although it does so in a manner differing from Li. Where the rune of fire is a potent fusing force, Ninathan provides a gentler link which depends on the bridge to remain linked. Because of this dependency, it is much easier to dissolve the link should it become necessary, as merely removing or severing the bridge will be sufficient. When used on its own, Ninathan encourages a state of stable health and wellness, and can help one shape their thought process to work with an unusual situation that cannot be changed instead of fighting it.

In Divination

Common meanings are Health/Wellness, Nature, Roots, Growth, and Adaptability. While usually referring to physical health, Ninathan can refer to health holistically as well. Its reference to growth can be on several different levels, and should be determined based on runes that appear next to it. For example, Ninathan and Nanen might refer to growth in a relationship between two people, with their positioning referring to the context (needs growth, will grow, growth is a problem, etc. )