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Rune of partnership, bonds between two, intimacy and closeness of souls. This rune represents many pairings, from lovers and the closest, most valued of friends, to blood brothers and kinsmen. These kinds of connections can be similar to those found in a spirit guide or teacher in the metaphysical as well. This connection can be either formed new or be pre-existing. although in the later it was essentially formed new from a previous existence and carried forward.

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Sequential Runes


"Guide/Mentor" One who is trusted and will aid in your passions and pursuits with valuable insights. One to be respected and whose advice is almost always beneficial when heeded.

Parallel Runes


"Directed Focus". Ihanen is a focus of drawing energy in and focusing to a specific goal, Waethan is a often focusing energy out to direct it to a specific target, and Nanen is the combining or exchange of energies between two individuals. All dealing with the flow of energy, even if with different patterns and intent.

Magickal Use

Very useful in combination runes dealing with connections and bonds between individuals. Nanen can be used to strengthen, weaken, create new, or dissolve unwanted connections, each depending on the desire and associated runes used in conjunction with it in a combination rune. For example, when used with Mah and a rune signifying another individual, it can assist in strengthening lines of communication with the one specified. In visualization, it can be seen as ones personal hub of interconnection with others that are held closest to ones self.

In Divination

When appearing in readings, Nanen can represent Ones "Lifemate/Soulmate", Pairing, A Duality of two halves completing the other, also the Formation of Bonds. There is nothing that prevents multiple instances of Nanen occurring, however the amount of time investment that is usually required by a Nanen connection is prohibitive to more than a handful at the same time. It is always representative of a companion or an individual that is trusted, and kept close to ones true thoughts.