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Many of these thoughts are unorganized at present. They represent a collection of thoughts and insights I have had regarding the runes. This list may change or grow depending when new ideas come or if I find another page that better suits the information.

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Assigned Elements

The 4 elements often associated with direction (water, fire, air, earth) are represented through the runes of Ra, Li, Mah, Thaan respectively. Their connection to each other can be seen in the run Drakaneal as incorporating thos four runes together working as a whole. Note that the "tails" on the runes which helped to orient them to their upright positions move to form the joining force in the centre of Drakaneal. This emphasizes Drakaneal's sense of community and cooperation to accomplish its goals of harnessing the existing chaos.

The nine Runes from 5 to 13, or Mah'erhen through to Waethaan, demonstrates an elemental spectrum consisting of spirit, water, dark, fire, light, air, nature, earth, crystal. With spirit at the beginning and moving through all others, the four mentioned in Drakaneal and the remaining four composed of varying combinations of the primary elements.

Order Looping

The rune set is built in such a way that if you loop from the last rune Satihan and continue on to Ratanen, the pattern of concepts flows smoothly. this break could occur with Ratanen at the end, and Drakani as the beginning rune, however in the present form, the runes help to show that the cycle is continuous, whereas in the alternate pattern suggested, it is not as readily apparent.

Number Three

Many of the runes are designed with triangles or repetitions of the number 3 in their designs. The entire set, numbering 27, or 3 to the power of 3, 3x3x3, is broken up into 9 sets of 3. Because of this, the ideal shape for the rune to be created on is a triangle. Other shapes are acceptable and can be worked with, but the triangle most assists the workings done with these runes.

Divination and Orientation

The runes are not affected by orientation, but the aspect of the meanings might change depending on which other runes are near them. As you get more familiar with the various meanings of the runes, you will probably be able to see the meanings blending together between runes depending on the type of divination spread you use with them.

For example, if you had a simple three rune spread in the following spread: (Existing situation)/(Required action)/(Result) And had Ratanen/Thaenrathi/Kaegos come up, you could read it as - Out of a confusing situation, one needs to actively take control and give directions to others in order to achieve balance. If they came up in a different order however, the meanings would change. So if you had Kaegos/Ratanen/Thaenrathi, you might read it as - If you are stuck with indecision about something, you need to listen to your dreams and perhaps do something unexpected in order to find the path that will have others respect you.

These results would come up regardless of the orientation of the runes (upside down, sideways, etc) and most of the results will take on several meanings best clarified with another or more complex reading. The question can also help define the answer, but sometimes knowing the question (when reading for someone else) can bias the answer. I find a reading with approximately 6 runes is good for clarity without being too overwhelming.