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Welcome to the Dragon Rune Wiki page. I have recently added a Rituals page. This page will grow as more is added to it.

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Reposting or Using Content

I do not create runes for sale as divination sets, however I have had several people [ask me]. for permission to create and sell these runes. If you are looking to purchase a set of these runes, please visit one of the sites below that offer them.

In general I will give permission for someone to create items for sale containing the dragon runes as long as reference is made to this website and acknowledges myself somewhere with the runes, so please ask if you want to use this content. Even if someone is just wishing to repost the information found on this site, I request that I be asked first, and that there be a link back here as well so that everyone can keep up with new information as I update and add it.

Online Sites offering Dragon Runes

Sites listed here have either asked permission to use the runes or have have mentioned Isedon Goldwing in their description. If you know of a site that should be here, please [contact me].

  • HadaPixie Designs
  • Many of the other sites formerly providing rune sets are no longer available. This list will be updated as I identify sellers

Additional Links