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Mah is the 6th rune of the 9 elemental dragon runes. This rune of Air, Storms, and of the Rolling Thunder dragons also rules sound and communication. As such, it often relates to socialization and interacting within a community. Additionally, it can bee seen as speed and good reactions or agility in an individual. Mah can be seen as a physical version of Ma'erhen in its limitation to the material while Ma'erhen represents essence that can freely move about.

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Sequential Runes


Runes of Council. Seeking answers for growth by communication with others. The guidance that comes from Li'aan is communicated through Mah to assist with ones development and growth as represented by Ninathan.

Parallel Runes


"Consort of Chaos." This individual is one who is able to draw on the potential rather than become overwhelmed by the uncertainty and constant change within the unformed mists that exists to some degree in all stages of the runes. The consort can direct the chaotic storms and its strength is added to his voice and Will.

Magickal Use

The rune of communication and the winds, Mah is useful in combination runes that involve trying to express an idea or concept, or even to try and open (with Li'aan) or close (with Liwaen) lines of communication. Also in combination runes, Mah can greatly speed up how quickly something takes to be resolved or increase the speed of a process. Mah also represents the Throat Chakra.

In Divination

Common interpretations for Mah are Swiftness, Social Interaction, Communication, and Excitement. In its social aspect, Mah focuses on ensuring communication takes place between various parties and can represent existing lines already present, or the need to open new lines of communication, depending on its position and other runes present. It may indicate that something must be completed quickly or that one must act quickly to take advantage of a situation.