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First in the 9 runes of the elemental dragons, Ma'erhen represents spirit. It is a rune that can cover many concepts as well however, and is appropriately used to represent all things ethereal, astral, and things that exist solely as spirit without matter.

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Sequential Runes

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"Primordial Life". The freshness of spirit and consciousness floating in vast oceans of water. In these runes contemplation of the unknown moves with a deliberate and slow curiosity, seeking out all that one can.

Parallel Runes


"Personal Self" Ones spirit, evolution, and passion, all lie within these three runes. Ma'erhen looks at the soul and ones higher self. Ionali is the desires, dreams, and passions of an individual, which when found and acted upon are often strong enough to satisfy ones self for long periods of time. As one fulfills that which satisfies the spirit, the self evolves and changes, often bringing a greater glimpse of ones spirit.

Magickal Use

Ma'erhen is used to represent Spirit, Auras, any Ethereal being or entity on the astral. All these can be covered under Ma'erhen when used in a combination rune, but usually require another few runes to clarify what one is referring to. For example, referring to an Air spirit would combine Ma'erhen and Mah. This rune can also serve as a meditative focus for Astral journeys, or as a visualization of the crown chakra.

In Divination

Ma'erhen will usually refer to the Spirit/Soul, Hope, Eagerness, Inner Strength, or Psychic Sensitivity. With other runes, it can often modify their meanings to that of a less physical meaning. Ma'erhen with Thaenrathi for instance would change it from being a ruler or leader in ones life to being one of a spiritual adviser, teacher or spirit guide. When such interpretations do not appear to follow with the theme of the divination, then the other qualities of the spirit are general interpretations, rather those of hope, eagernes or inner strength.