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The 3rd in the elemental dragon runes, Liwaen is the rune which covers all aspects of the darkness and the Dragon that are associated with it. These include dragons of Shadow, Night, Dark, and of Void, and some common attributes are protectiveness, intuitive, and secretive. Liwaen also represents the Sky at night, stars, and the Moon or Lunar energy.

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Sequential Runes

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"Sentinel/Guardian." Patience and perseverance to protect and be watchful, with a fierce aggressiveness in defense of a given charge.

Parallel Runes


"The Magistrate." Find the Secrets, Find the Corruption, Find the Just resolution. These runes best relate to one another by tying the concepts of the fair judge who must be able to determine from all points of view and with full knowledge of events relating to any problems that may be brought out.

Magickal Use

An excellent rune of protection, Liwaen defends by obfuscation of the facts. Its techniques favor avoidance and stealth over direct confrontation with hostilities and obstacles. In combination runes, it can even be added just to focus the energies to take the least obvious or most subtle methods to accomplish a goal. Visualized around something, it can dampen the levels of energy "noise" coming from that source.

In Divination

Common interpretations for Liwaen are Contemplation, Protection, Concealment, Cunning, Isolation, Lunar energy, and Secrets. It can also indicate that other runes nearby may not be the most obvious aspect to identify in a reading, or that the possibilities are so muddled that there is really no set path or answer at the moment.