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The 5th rune of the 9 elemental Dragon runes, this is the rune of Light. Dragons of this rune are closely linked to the sun, solar energy, and Light. This rune can even be tied to the Aethereal realms, unlike Ma'erhen however, it refers to the Aether in other planes of existence beyond this that are often traveled to by those souls and spirits that transcend or move on after death.

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Sequential Runes

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"Bard." A truth seeker and tale teller, Lit with a passion to find new tales and relate them back to others in such a way that those who hear the telling are caught up in the tellers passion and can live the tales for themselves.

Parallel Runes


"Equilibrium." Balance between that which is truth and that which is no longer truth. The shift between things that have been made and that which has been unmade.

Magickal Use

Li'aan is well suited to sifting through misinformation and finding the truth of issues. When paired with Sha'oren in a combination rune, it can greatly speed up the locating of desired information, but in the process, one may pass by other interesting information. On this similar note, when one is looking for Guidance along a safe path, Li'aan can aid in locating obstacles that must be avoided. When one is seeking the truth from uncertain sources, this rune can also be used as a focus held in ones mind and visualized over the the the source of the information to enhance the likelihood that you can see through deception.

In Divination

Common interpretations of Li'aan are the Illumination of secrets, Purification, Comfort, Rallying, and Guidance. Often with this rune lands, it indicates a location of answers, or a need to seek them out. Other runes that are placed nearby will often determine which is the accurate. When paired with another rune that has been determined to represent an individual, that person can often be trusted to give good advice and support in times of need.