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The 4th of the 9 elemental Dragon runes, Li is the rune of fire. It is linked with Red Chasm and other Fire, Flame, and Heat based dragons. Attributes common are creativity, passion, loyalty, quickness to anger, and other high energy or "hot" emotions.

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Sequential Runes

Liwaen.GIFLi .GIFLi'aan.GIF

"Cycles of Light." Can be seen as the lunar and solar cycles. The transition between the night sky , daylight, and back again through the fiery twilight and dawn. Also as embers in a fire can spark to ignite a fresh bright flame or die down to a flickering ember that appears to go out, yet can be brought back to light when enough are gathered together.

Parallel Runes

Li .GIFAthihan.GIFAbanen.GIF

"Warriors Trance." These runes together signify the effect which causes a shift in mindset to a state of higher clarity when one passionately sets ones self to a challenging task and can focus on nothing other than all that relates to that task with a single-minded fiery dedication.

Magickal Use

As the element of fire, Li rules many energies and emotions such as passion and anger, and also assists in the creative process if used on its own for any projects. In combination runes, it will energize the process to keep things moving quickly and can also be used as a forge rune that finds ways to creatively link two other runes.l Since Li can also be representative of sexual energy it can be linked to the Root Chakra.

In Divination

Common interpretations for Li in a reading are Passion, Fury, Loyalty, Warmth, and Energy. It is generally representative of the stronger emotions when it turns up and many desires, frustrations, and objects of ire in a persons life. Li can also represent a sexual interest, generally one that is new, newly rekindled or just a desire.