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The rune of balance and equality. Kaegos favors no extremes and yet supports all extremes and causes equally. It is the hub of the wheel, and the fulcrum between all differences. When one fire is low, it pulls fuel from the brightest fire and places it in that which is dwindling so that it may burn brightly once again.

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Sequential Runes


"Necessity." Representing the one who must make difficult decisions and cut out what is not needed in order to pursue only what must be chosen for the widest benefit. Survival before luxury, endurance before indulgence, carving from the full to seed the barren.

Parallel Runes


"Equilibrium." Balance between that which is truth and that which is no longer truth. The shift between things that have been made and that which has been unmade.

Magickal Use

Kaegos has many uses as a magickal tool. It can be focused on to dampen emotions, especially if used in conjunction with a rune signifying that emotion. It can aid in health, restoring equilibrium within the body, soul, and mind. It can ensure that situations entered are fair for all involved and generate assistance or hindrance as appropriate. It can also assist with going unnoticed, as the average and neutral beings are often dismissed by eye and mind. This trait also makes it ideal to wrap energies within the essence of Kaegos to enable energies to easily slip past passive wards or barriers without alerting anyone watching for something that may be amiss.

In Divination

When appearing in a reading, it represents Balance, Neutrality, Indecision, Calm, and Enforced Peace. It can represent either a mediator or truce when referring to conflict, or it can be a warning to an individual not to choose a side in a conflict. Its energies are easy to dismiss as it is not coloured by any cause, emotion, or charge, and can represent something or someone that may not have been considered as a factor relevant to the reading thus far.