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The self ideal. Ones calling, duty, or fulfillment. It is possible, yet often difficult, to achieve the full depth of Ionali if still searching or pursuing other avenues of the runes, especially Nanen, due to the amount of dedicated time or commitment required. Following the path of Ionali can be seen as following ones Will through the wide gamut of possibilities, and finding the one that harmonizes with ones soul the strongest.

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Sequential Runes


"Utopia" The ideal community in which each individual is able to fulfill personal while simultaneously benefiting the community. To reach this state, it requires many strong bonds between those who have found a calling that satisfies them, and that each contribute as needed, so that each covers the weakness of another with their own strengths, and have their weaknesses likewise protected.

Parallel Runes


"Personal Self" Ones spirit, evolution, and passion, all lie within these three runes. Ma'erhen looks at the soul and ones higher self. Ionali is the desires, dreams, and passions of an individual, which when found and acted upon are often strong enough to satisfy ones self for long periods of time. As one fulfills that which satisfies the spirit, the self evolves and changes, often bringing a greater glimpse of ones spirit.

Magickal Use

Ionali is exceptional in guiding energies and events to ideal locations for their intended purposes. It differs in its operation from Shoren in that it will generally strive for a solution that benefits the subject of the working the most, as opposed to finding the best overall solution for as many involved as possible (which may or may not be the best result for the subject). This rune is generally very focused and specific, so one must be sure that any general concepts are narrowed down or well defined. As with most magickal or energy workings, lack of definition or specific subject will merely set the runes energies free to do as they choose.

In Divination

Interpretations for Ionali include Ones "Calling", Insight, Fulfillment, and Happiness. It indicates events or actions that are well suited to the individual and paths that are best pursued. Ionali may refer to a hobby, or even an obsession or fantasy that the subject thinks on often.