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Ihanen is the culmination of the previous three Runes that come before it. Untapped Potential shaped by the Will of one with the proper Knowledge yields the actual calling into existence or creation of of some new object or facet of being. Where the three Runes before were, for the most part, resources, Ihanen is the action that is sparked by the combination of those resources.

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Sequential Runes


The sequence of runes in this run is essentially the potential for the underlying knowledge in everything to be able to filter through to all consciousness. The knowledge in Sha'oren was forged through Ihanen into the Spirituality of beings as Ma'erhen. Because of this commonality, by looking inward and tracing back to ones origins, one can access the pools of knowledge that is common to many.

Parallel Runes


"Directed Focus". Ihanen is a focus of drawing energy in and focusing to a specific goal, Waethan is a often focusing energy out to direct it to a specific target, and Nanen is the combining or exchange of energies between two individuals. All dealing with the flow of energy, even if with different patterns and intent.

Magickal Use

The rune of calling forth can assist greatly in the initial charging of ritual tools when they are first given their purpose. The creation of any new magical object could usually benefit from this Rune by visualizing it over the artifact while the dedication or aligning is being done. If one desires to call forth or summon entities, this Rune can also be of assistance, usually at the center of the Evoking point (whether visualized or drawn) or visualizing Ihanen within the self for Invoking. I highly recommend other training not provided here before attempting dealings with other entities however, as not all have ones well being in mind.

In Divination

Ihanen can be seen as Weaving Patterns, Creation, Calling/Drawing Forth, Beginning, and Initiation. I can represent the need for putting a plan into action, or acting upon a creative desire. It may indicate a recommendation for starting something new or passing into a new stage in life. It can also be seen as pulling some new aspect into your life, usually a Willed act that will not happen if left alone. The aspect should be made clear by associated runes, otherwise a single rune pull is recommended to clarify.