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Drakani is the rune of focused Will. There are multiple visual depictions from this rune. The central portion of Ratanen now radiates specific possibilities outward, all as directed by the Will. This can also be seen as the overlap of a pair of three-lined symbols, representative of land and sky and all things in between. This concept can be used in a runic creation by separating the pair and placing another rune or runes in between them in order to represent a strong focus on it or bringing it to manifest. A third interpretation can be seen as the Will condensing the inherent chaos from Ratanen and focusing on a specific form or concept to be brought out.

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Sequential Runes


The sequential runes before and after Drakani are: Ratanen before, Sha'oren after. The three relate to each other by all being the "Basics of Existence". Potential, Will, and Knowledge. Knowing how to correctly influence the potential, and shaping the potential to create new things. Potential needs to be there as it is the base to work from, it is not well organized, but will lend itself to any number of tasks. The Will is enacted upon the potential, giving it new form or direction and changing it as desired. Finally, the Knowledge that can come from the finished product, or is required to improve and create.

Parallel Runes


"Nurtured Seed." It can be seen that Drakani is laying down the structure that many things are based off of, as the roots and branches of a tree, a representation of Nanen. Drakani can be seen as creating a framework to organize how things will behave and react, as seen in the structured laws of Athanen. If using imagery of the runes could be seen that Drakani is a seed, that spouts into a young sapling (Nanen), that will eventually grow into strong, stable roots (Athanen).

Magickal Use

In Magickal work, Drakani is an excellent tool to keep one focused on a specific task, or to focus energy to a specific task. Visualizing the rune over ones third eye or forehead chakra, depending on the terms one is familiar with, can assist with work centered on working with chaotic energies or the creation of new ideas, constructs and designs. To give direction to this focus, another smaller rune can be placed in the space within Drakani. For example placing the Shaan inside Drakani for personal use could assist one keep their mind clear and focused on magickal works.

It can also be useful as a collection rune, in that certain kinds of energies would be drawn into the center of the rune through its "arms," and could then be stored for later use or directed to a new task. The energies can be included or excluded by placing a runic or equivalent representation as a small rune by one of the "arms" of Drakani. (To exclude draw a line between the arm and the rune.) To store the collected energy, put a crystal you find useful at containing energy at the center of Drakani, or draw Waethan and the rune should hold all the energy needed.

In Divination

When Drakani comes up in a divination, it can be seen as inspiration, control, willpower, initiative, and the duality in an individual. The first several are logical aspects that can be associated with the act of focusing ones will on the act of creating something new. The duality of an individual is a little more complicated in the sense that one often pours themselves into their work as they create it, and while remaining whole, they still have a strong connection to what has been made.

Drakani can also be seen as a Spiritual adviser or authority, or possibly a strong female figure as well. Often however, it is relating to the Will of an individual and their sphere of influence. As always, look to the runes surrounding it to find its true meaning.