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The rune of community, organization, family, and tribe. This rune covers many of the co-operative dynamics needed to keep a group together. the Rune itself can be seen as similar to placing the dragon runes of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water together, parts of a whole contributing something different.

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Sequential Runes


"Responsibility." Holding one accountable for consequences good or ill, in regards to the actions one takes. Tasks done on behalf of a group will largley affect the group as a whole in terms of beneficial or harmful results, and an individual has only themselves.

Parallel Runes

Ra .GIFShaan.GIFDrakaneal.GIF

"Interconnectedness". Ra represents the physical connection between family related through blood, and the genetic bond between multiple individuals. Shaan is the connection one has through energy to ones environment and the bonds forged to other individuals as well. Drakaneal is the connection shared by a community, and any who dwell within or contribute to that community.

Magickal Use

A useful rune when trying to either keep a group together or finding ways to allow many different facets that may or may not otherwise be compatible or related to work together. When Many need to function as One, this rune is very helpful and is effectively employed in such combination runes. Other uses are to aid in co-ordinating multiple efforts towards a single goal or as a focus when harnessing multiple types of energies to assist in integration between them all.

In Divination

This rune signifies Unity, Beauty, Community, Discovery, Preparation, or Development. It can refer to groups of any size from immediate family up to the entire biosphere. The scope is generally made clear by surrounding runes when referring to a group, and many vital aspects that allow a group to function and grow can be represented by Drakaneal.