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The Dragon Runes as a whole are laid out in a manner that describes a cycle of existence. The cycle could start at any of the runes and actually you could just string the final rune (Satihan) to the first rune (Ratanen) and it would loop endlessly through all the cycles of existence, however, in the current presentation, the link between the final and first runes is more visible, and the thoughts behind all the runes is continuous.


Beginning with Ratanen, this cycle starts as unformed possibilities and underlying chaos where nothing and everything exist at the same time. From this, a Will (of the Dragon Goddess Drakani) is applied to the dream fog and begins to form stability and ideas out of the infinite possibilities. As these forms and creations develop, the knowledge (Sha'oren) specific to the workings and patterns of this new existence begin to be seen. These are the rules that all things follow and knowledge of this will assist anyone who understands to reshape and re-organize reality to some extent.

Ihanen.GIFMa'erhen.GIFRa .GIF

Once the groundwork is laid and the rules laid out, the actual creation (Ihanen) takes place as new creatures, realms, worlds, and the rest begin to take shape. Much of the Willed creation thus far has been energetic and very little of the material. The spiritual (Ma'erhen) behind everything is given definition, and individual souls take shape. This is the point when souls for all dragons are created, and even as the other elements allow these souls to incarnate to new forms, there are those that prefer this form over others and wander as they desire, continuing to exist apart from the material. The next element to form in existence is the primal Water (Ra) from which life will form, and the first of the dragons in spirit form choose to align themselves with this new element, and they tend to rule deep emotions and the basic pulse of life.

Liwaen.GIFLi .GIFLi'aan.GIF

Now that the material is given substance, the awareness of prevalent darkness in everything is seen. The Dark (Liwaen) itself attracts the following incarnation of dragonic souls. These are very secretive and enjoy learning thoughts and ideas known only to them, remaining hidden and protected in the Dark. Down at the depths of the Water and the Dark, a welling Fire (Li) begins to form and push its way up. With the aid of newly manifested dragon souls, the Fire surges up with a newfound fury and passion towards the limits of both former elements. Once the limits of those two are breached, a Great Light (Li'aan) is formed and calls more souls to incarnate into its radiance. This new element of Light infringes on former realm of the Dark, but a border is established and both manage to thrive independent of one another. Many of the ideas and concepts once concealed by the Dark are revealed, and the Light shows its desire for truth, openness, and sharing what it knows with all others.


Throughout all these changes in the new elements, the winds and storms arise next with the element of Air (Mah). The dragons that come to claim this elemental affinity find that existence in large communities where exchange of information is the most desirable situation, and they travel around all the other elements that exist and continue to do so as others come to exist. The communication that is so prevalent in the element of Air passes through to where Water and Fire mingle, giving birth to the basic elements of life that gradually evolves into progressively larger and more complex forms. The emergence of these new plants and animals calls yet more Dragon souls who fashion themselves as dwelling along side of Nature (Ninathan). They nurture and protect these new forms over lengthy periods of time to develop more complex and intriguing organisms. Soon the life and elements add to their collective an the element Earth (Thaan) that was growing steadily along with everything since the Fire, but now comes to to the forefront as the creatures of Nature begin to make their home theres. Earth attracts those Dragon souls that enjoy the steadfast perseverance and strength of solid rock and mountains.


The final element in the cycle is that of Crystal (Waethan), and attracts many of the Dragon souls who focus and direct energy in many of its forms, as well as those who keep reservoirs of excess energy and send it out as needed to keep everything flowing well. With these basics established, the essence of existence is able to develop and thrive with little intervention on both the small and large scales. This harmonious development and passage of time (Ta'kaya) allows many creatures to be born and much knowledge to be discovered and shared among those capable of understanding. After much of the time has passed, there are those developed creatures and dragons themselves that have picked up enough of the original knowledge to learn to manipulate Magick (Shaan) with their Will and begin learning its function and use it without any limitations short of their personal desires.


Although everything was running smoothly up to this point, the changes wrought through the experiments and alterations of those bending the energy to their separate wills begins to disrupt the harmony (Deigomah). The effects can be felt as more creatures and creations cease to exist, or fail to function as they were originally intended to. It soon becomes apparent that the disruption is a result from those carelessly applying their Will, and soon great disagreements break out and many of those previously living peacefully together turn on each other. The Conflict (Athihan) that arises takes a toll on all sides of those involved, and harms many on the periphery of the dispute as well. After a time, there too few resources left to continue fighting, and there is an uneasy balance (Kaegos) where each side holds the other in check. This balance prevents any additional major tampering with the existing system, and many return to tasks they had neglected, and the harmony begins to heal.


With the existence of many radically different ideas, the uneasy peace and balance does not seem that it would last as each side feels that it should have greater recognition than the others. One who has seen resolutions to many problems has been reluctant to come to the forefront until recently, but with the memories of conflict still fresh in mind, it is seen as necessary to make themselves known. This individual becomes known as a Leader (Thaenrathi) able to mediate many differences and soon the Balance that was uneasy becomes more solid. To help enforce this peace, more Laws (Athanen) are set in place to restrict and control all who are under the Leaders vast jurisdiction. The restoration of harmony begins to return, but much of the freedom once enjoyed and unfortunately abused by many is rarely seen. As there is much that has been lived through by all, many stop to think on all that has passed, and their knowledge they temper with Wisdom (Shoren) and many begin to realize better ways of performing and applying their Will.


During this time of peace, many are able to find those they would spend the rest of their existence with (Nanen) and develop strong relationships with them. There are also those for whom there is no such individual but they uncover a task, duty, or art that brings them as much satisfaction (Ionali) as another individual might. There are some who may discover for themselves a little of both, but rarely does this result in the same dedication or satisfaction from either one as much as there might be if their self had only one such bond. With many finding their places in life, the community begins to come together and work as a whole with unified direction and many functions satisfied for its widely varying members. This well meshed society (Drakaneal) thrives in its environment and much of the harmony is restored and lived along side with and its complex interactions understood much better.


The actions that were taken through out this cycle that have not yet been resolved or repaid are not brought back and resolved (Zhukaya). This can be seen as universal Karma balancing out debts and applying rewards to all in existence as each is due. Once all this has been resolved, many of the souls that have not yet traveled forward will do so now and may either wait to return on this plane or another as they determine or believe for themselves. The memories of this realm will be preserved with each of them as they Ascend (Abanen) to the next existence. With everything having run its course, that which was Willed into being and set to run its course now flows back into the chaotic mists from whence it was carved and shaped, and is undone (Satihan), ready for another Will to mold it.