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This run represents events no longer flowing as they were originally intended or designed. It is as much disruption and tainting as it is redirection and experimentation. While this happens on its own to an extent as events inevitably interfere with one another, frequent repetition can spread this destabilization to a point where it can be extremely difficult to stop. Deigomah can generally be seen as deviation of purpose or breaking out of a set path.

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Sequential Runes


"Usurper/Revolution" This sequence of runes embodies ambition and conflict that ultimately derail existing principles and natures from their original purpose. This alteration is rarely subtle and will cause many ripples in its enactment that will change or alter many energies and paths associated with the prime focus of the change

Parallel Runes


"The Magistrate." Find the Secrets, Find the Corruption, Find the Just resolution. These runes best relate to one another by tying the concepts of the fair judge who must be able to determine from all points of view and with full knowledge of events relating to any problems that may be brought out.

Magickal Use

Deigomah is an excellent rune to use to subvert energy to a counter cause. Its use can brings about a variety of different results that are generally either countering initial intent of energy that it was applied to, or bending the intent to different, similar goals that either do not affect the initial cause or draw energy away from it. In bind runes, this is a useful tool to change some runes to needs that are entirely counter to that rune, or to prevent that event from occurring. However in the later, a purpose must be specified with another rune or the redirection of the energy is quite random.

In Divination

Common interpretations of Deigomah in readings are Confusion, Accusation, Unrest, Fears, Tension, and reversals. It generally reveals a deviation from intent or rapid change in direction of events. Often influencing preceding runes, it can be seen as things swinging in the other direction or referring to events that might cause this to happen.