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This page outlines what combination runes are and advises how to create them.

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What are they?

Combination Runes:

  • Are two or more runes used together in a single, more complex rune where runes together modify or shape the meaning of another rune so the two blend together.
    For Example:, Ta'kaya with Athanen for Orderly change or with Ratanen for chaotic or random changes.
  • Are Runes that work together to direct energy to a single purpose
  • Can be a type of rune created as a personal naming rune
  • May be designed different ways for the same end result
  • May be used for several different results even though some look the same

Those familiar with Bind Runes in the Norse Elder Futhark should already be familiar with many of the following concepts.

How to Create a Combination Rune

Identify the goal

Runes work best when subtly targeting the root of an issue and can resolve faster if given a a larger amount of freedom.

For Example: If trying to sell ones house, it would be better to set the combination rune to encourage communication over connections to result in a change and let the runes handle the details, rather than requesting a family of three to put in an offer on the house next Thursday. Or "Let the apartment we need become obvious" rather than "We want this apartment on that floor over there"

After identifying the goal, think of how you want the goal to come about, desired outcomes, as well as any other variables. Chose a rune for each of these

Designing Combination Runes

After 2 or 3 desired runes are selected, one needs to discover the best way to fit them all together:

  • It is often best to start by writing them down next to each other and look for similar components in each.
  • Next, draw the most complex rune, and then draw one of the other runes over top of, or next to that rune in a way that lines and corners overlap.
  • You might want to try several different positions for the other runes until one clicks as being appropriate for the desired purpose. Sometimes this is apparent immediately, other times you may need to play around with many combinations until something seems to be a best fit. Listen to intuition on this.
    Note: If no combinations seem to suit the need, try changing one of the originally selected runes to see if that works better.

There are no predefined right or wrong rune combinations, the energy put into the rune later will define the details and several different arrangements may work, again, use intuition to settle on a choice.

Scribing the Rune

Any material is a potential surface for the combination rune. The best (or most effective) material is highly dependent upon the desired outcome. For example:

  • A Rune for home protection is best scribed on a wooden plank or brick.
  • A blessing of growth and health for a garden would be better carved on a fruit or section of branch.
  • A Rune for safe travel by car would be best scribed on a piece of metal or glass (provided one has the tools).

Ink and paper are just always valid to craft the rune with, but success is often aided when the energy is being sent from something that already has an affinity for the goal.

Charging the Rune

Once the rune has been scribed, all that is left to do is give it the energy to do its job and reinforce the purpose. Raise the energy in whatever method is most familiar to you, and then concentrate on the desired result while guiding the energy to flow into the rune.

If a rune is expected to be a long term investment of energy, after the initial charge it is wise to establish a link between the rune and universal/earth energy, or else return to the rune and repeat the charging process on a regular basis.

Disposal of the Rune

At some point, one may want to end the effects of a combination rune. The best method would be first to concentrate on the rune and ground any energy left in it. After the energy is cleared out of the rune, burning, smashing, or otherwise ultimately destroying the object (or surface) that the rune was inscribed upon will prevent the rune from gathering unintended energy after it has served its purpose. If the object cannot be destroyed to remove the rune, then adding additional lines through it to the point where it is no longer recognizable is also an option.

Personal Runes

A personal rune is one that is crafted using runes that appeal strongly to an individual, or those that represent concepts that the individual identifies with. Usually 2 or 3 runes used together in the same way as another Combination rune. Personal runes are excellent for use in rituals to represent the individual when focused on, signifying that users energy or presence.