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The rune of conflict, war, and other force that pits two or more parties against one another. Often arising when Wills deviate and oppose one another which frequently results in confrontation, violence, or other form of direct aggression. It is also the rune of the warrior and of the the hunter, the skills to locate, strength to overcome, and power to succeeded.

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Sequential Runes


"Pruning." Severing the deviations to bring balance. When stability is needed, these three runes represent the steps that must often be taken to provide the necessary base to begin. Established change often does not easily change back, and must be either cut off or forced to return to original equilibrium.

Parallel Runes

Li .GIFAthihan.GIFAbanen.GIF

"Warriors Trance." These runes together signify the effect which causes a shift in mindset to a state of higher clarity when one passionately sets ones self to a challenging task and can focus on nothing other than all that relates to that task with a single-minded fiery dedication.

Magickal Use

Athihan, being the warriors rune, can be effectively used etched onto weaponry, armour, and other implements of war. It is a good rune to use when needing to cut away from something quickly, or when confrontation is unavoidable and must be overcome. In bind runes, it can grant strength and and direction to energies that are headed directly to a goal and will assist greatly in overcoming all barriers that may crop up. When forcing a way through opposition is the way that is needed, Athihan is the best rune for the job. Also, if one has training or inclination, it is also an excellent rune to focus on during meditation prior to any Martial skill or practice.

In Divination

When turning up in a divining spread, Athihan most frequently refers to War, Conflict, Aggression, Directed Destruction, or Pruning of Weaknesses. It will generally refer to events that have a definite direct approach that rarely employs subtlety. Its appearance likely represents an event that will often be taxing on the subject due to high levels of involvement in a conflict or confrontation. Success in this conflict is often represented by surrounding runes, and other runes may represent ways to avoid this conflict if the outcome is not a desirable one.