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Rune of Laws, Order, and Patterns, yet at the same time Stagnation and Changelessness. Encouranging things to remain as they are seen as they shoudl be, changing only with great effort. It keeps many unknowns at bay. Benefits come to those whose ways agree with the order layed out, and breeding disconten and frustation in those that do not agree.

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Sequential Runes


"Wise King" A king that remains within the bounds of the laws set forth, yet not bound by them in action. Able to find the fair or just actions that might not have been possible by strict verbatim adherance to the laws set out.

Parallel Runes


"Nurtured Seed." It can be seen that Drakani is laying down the structure that many things are based off of, as the roots and branches of a tree, a representation of Nanen. Drakani can be seen as creating a framework to organize how things will behave and react, as seen in the structured laws of Athanen. If using imagery of the runes could be seen that Drakani is a seed, that spouts into a young sapling (Nanen), that will eventually grow into strong, stable roots (Athanen).

Magickal Use

An excellent rune to use to prevent further change in a situation, a slowing, or even a general freeze of events. It can also help as a focus to organize ones thoughts. Athanen can also be used to enforce a "loop" of repeating events in combination runes, or can cause something to be a recurring pattern of events. This rune is also useful to keep events or individuals within the bounds of rules or lays that have been laid out.

In Divination

Interpretations common to Athanen are Law, Peace, Prosperity, Stability, Rigidity, and Inflexibility. By representing that which changes little, results and interactions are easily predictable and encourage a lack of conflict and stimulates growth within the system. New situations can be difficult to accommodate however, and the strict system may stifle creative ideas counter to the common goals.