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Rune of Ascension, Revolution, Metamorphosis, and Realignment. Abanen represents a great change occurring very quickly. Individuals may become something different or greater, civilizations change radically or disperse altogether. This rune is both an individual who reaches enlightenment as it is a might empire falling and being left to the sands.


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Sequential Runes


"Unraveling." Individuals and events woven together change and fray, removed from the tapestry of existence and transformed into something different, leaving the the previous construct increasingly becoming an empty shell.

Parallel Runes

Li .GIFAthihan.GIFAbanen.GIF

"Warriors Trance." These runes together signify the effect which causes a shift in mindset to a state of higher clarity when one passionately sets ones self to a challenging task and can focus on nothing other than all that relates to that task with a single-minded fiery dedication.

Magickal Use

When rapid change is desired, this rune can take existing circumstances and remodel them in new configurations that may not necessarily be recognizably their original. As a meditative focus, it can aide in understanding different lines of thought or new ideas. combination runes utilizing this rune often resolve quickly and lack subtlety. If you need to take something to the next level, or take existing material and reorganize it, this rune should prove very useful.

In Divination

In divinations, Abanen represents, Ascension, Nostalgia, Contemplation, Transition, and Rapid Change. It signifies a change of direction or overall alteration of a situation that something has been existing as. Also, It can indicate an epiphany or moment of clarity and revelation on a particular subject. After Abanen runs its course, things rarely remain the same as they were previously.